Empowering everyone to enjoy food as medicine

A Heali pill bottle with an apple in it connoting food as medicine

Discover delicious food you and your body love

Instantly scan products and menus to reveal full nutritional information

Easily plan your meals, get meal kits delivered and your groceries via Instacart

The new all-in-one food platform

Empowering people to make enhanced health decisions by connecting our knowledge of food, building innovative tools and providing the support that guides their nutritional journeys.

The 1st clinical-grade nutrition app

Heali helps anyone, anywhere, anytime to manage 200+ conditions

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Life-changing coaching

Reverse the clock on chronic illnesses with our lifestyle change program

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Phone screens with the Heali app on

A new operating system for nutrition

A proprietary food technology with over 10 million data points across 15,000+ ingredients

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Building a food-first world

Enabling smart food choices for humanity's health and happiness

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"Whatever your condition is, Heali takes care of everything. I already feel so much better."


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