Reverse the clock on chronic illness with our Diabetes Prevention Program

Manage chronic conditions with CDC approved bite-sized lessons and 1-on-1 personalized coaching.


8 minutes a lesson

Life changing

58% reduced risk of diabetes


$2,671 medical cost savings

Proven results

9lbs lost on average

in individuals weighing 200lbs+

1-on-1 coaching

Talk to one of our coaches today

You will have the opportunity to receive expert guidance and support as you navigate your journey to better health.

You're covered, it's free

Heali Premium. Included free.

Get total access to Heali Premium when you employ coaching, giving you instant personalised recommendations and extra nutrition information. Explore and unlock the full potential of your lifestyle change program.

Use food as medicine

Personalized selection of 10,000+ recipes based on your taste & nutritional goals

All the tools for success

Create meal plans, scan products, scan restaurant menus and instantly get all thenutritional information you need

Medically tailored delivery

Chef-prepared meal kits with step-by-step instructions, delivered once a month

Made for you

Health goals. All different kinds

You might be eligible, even with no pre-existing condition. We cover many chronic diseases that often occur together.

Lose weight

Reduce blood pressure

Reduce risk of diabetes

Reduce cholesterol

Join the 600,000 participants.

“I love having a lifestyle coach. She has given us great information, helped me stay on track, and stay positive!”

Bruce Wheeler

"This program has taught me how to eat healthy and find an exercise routine that works for my schedule.”

Jan Booker

“Having a group of people with the same goals as me really motivated me to jump start healthy lifestyle changes.”

Phyllis Perkins

“All you need to do is give this program a try! I am working on a daily routine that involves eating healthy and exercising.”

Suchada Jin-Jin

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