Heali is building a food-first world

A world where where poor diet is no longer the number one lifestyle health risk,  and food comes first in conquering chronic conditions.

A $1.1 trillion dollar problem

1 in 2 US adults live with at least one chronic condition, from asthma to Wilson’s Disease.

It's time to eat for ourselves

The world of food is large, complex and not always wired to help us.  Heali is creating a new map - joining medical research, food data and personal taste. Heali is built to guide individuals' nutritional journeys to create a happier and healthier humankind.

By harnessing the power of medical data and food, we now have the technology to make breakthroughs in reshaping the future of American healthcare.

Join our journey

We're always looking for world-class minds to help create a food-first world.
We value Passion, Selflessness, Curiosity and Ambition.

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