Heali Intel: 
Our proprietary food technology

Introducing the new clinically validated AI infrastructure for nutrition. Heali's technology re-imagines how the worlds of health and food are connected.

10 million+ researched data points across 15,000 food ingredients

Heali's technology pairs medical evidence with food data to provide the most nutritious and beneficial dietary solutions for those living with chronic conditions.

Written by dietitians, guided by AI

Database contributed to by 200+ dieticians and nutritionists over 3 years under guidance of expert machine learning and dietetic leaders

Scalable multi-tasker

Scalable across 100+ dietary plans and health conditions; able to support multiple conditions and therapeutic diets at once

Personalized diet match score algorithm leveraging multi-model learning

NLP data parsing and recognition on food for ingredients and nutrition fact extraction, machine-learning based automatic data mining, quadratic programming optimization solver for ingredient product quantity estimation.

Heali connects the complex systems of food and health

Our precision nutrition technology empower doctors, our point-of-purchase knowledge helps customers make informed decisions and our data tools provide easy access to essential product labelling information.

Heali Intel

Integrate our technology today

Heali Intel can make any system more intelligent. Let's discuss the possibilities of how your solutions can work with ours to solve meaningful problems.

Partner with Heali Intel

Heali brings to food choices what Google brought to maps

Now the routes are connected, nourishing nutritional journeys can begin.

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