Diabetes Prevention Program

Reverse the risk. Reduce the cost.

A program that matters to your members, patients & workforce.Happier people, better outcomes, lower costs.

Reduced Costs


Medical cost savings annually per member



Productivity increase in diabetes-free employees

Less Sick Days

6 days

Of prevented absent work days

Life Changing


Reduced risk of developing diabetes

$36 billion a year could be saved by preventing chronic diseases like diabetes

–National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

A program for all: Improving health across conditions

Heali provides nutrition support for over 200 conditions & risk factors, though participation is not limited to those with pre-existing conditions.

Weight loss
Reduce risk of diabetes
Reduce blood pressure
Reduce cholesterol

A strategic partner for all


Boost performance & attendance with outcomes that benefit both your employees and your bottom line.

Insurance payers

Significant cost savings per member when you join industry leaders in insurance already covering our program.

Health providers

Healthier & happier patients by delivering the comprehensive care your patients need and want.

For employers

Healthy, happy & productive workforce

6 more work days

Boosting workforce health averages 6 reduced sick days per employee

61% more productive

Increase in employee productivity through reduced stress & better lifestyle.

58% reduced risk

Avoiding diabetes can improve their mental and physical health.

2.6x Happier people

2.6x improvement in employee quality of life

Who we work with

For insurance payers

Prevent disease
Reduce costs

50% cost reduction

Medical costs for people with diabetes are 2x higher than for those without.

42% ROI

Expressed in cost reduction on a wide range of members with 25+ BMI.

$2671 in savings

Saved in decreased need for intensive health solutions and hospital stays.

1 in 3 lives covered

One third of adults are pre-diabetic. Eligibility is spread across many members.

For health providers

Engage, retain & empower patients

5-7% weight loss

Only this is enough to prevent T2D with high impact results

58% reduced risk

Significant risk reduction of developing diabetes by just changing habits.

0.2 HbA1C reduction

The average member has significant results.

1 in 3 qualify

There is a high coverage across US adults.

Get more value
3 solutions in 1

Unlimited access to Heali+

Use food as medicine with 10k+ recipes & meal plans based on their taste & nutritional goals

Diabetes prevention program

Support the weight loss & lifestyle change of your members with coaching & bite-size lessons

Medically tailored meal kit delivery

A chef-prepared meal kit with step-by-step instructions, delivered monthly

Proven Results

"Researchers found that those who received educational materials plus access to the app reported increased satisfaction with life quality at 2.6 times the rate."

The results [of the randomized clinical trial] show that the Heali app significantly increased quality of life outcomes in IBS participants over a 30-day intervention period."

The Heali app is a cutting-edge personalized nutrition and food intervention platform that serves as a companion tool for patients with unique health and nutritional needs.

600,000 participants in DPP

“I love having a lifestyle coach. She has given us great information, helped me stay on track, and stay positive!”

Bruce Wheeler

"This program has taught me how to eat healthy and find an exercise routine that works for my schedule.”

Jan Booker

“Having a group of people with the same goals as me really motivated me to jump start healthy lifestyle changes.”

Phyllis Perkins

“All you need to do is give this program a try! I am working on a daily routine that involves eating healthy and exercising.”

Suchada Jin-Jin

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Our unique Coaching and Diabetes Prevention Program welcome health insurance companies, government programs and self-insured employer plans to partner helping everyone discover the power of food as medicine.

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