The New-trition App

Heali helps anyone, anywhere, anytime to manage 200+ conditions, from diabetes to Crohn's, using food as medicine.

Hyper-personalized to your unique needs and tastes

1st clinical-grade nutrition app

Heali only uses peer-reviewed research to personalize recommendations to your conditions and health goals

80+ nutrition prescriptions

From heart healthy, high fiber, Mediterranean, DASH, MIND and more

200+ supported medical conditions

From pre-diabetes to obesity, heart disease, Crohn's, IBS, mental health and more

700+ ways to customize

Individualized, actionable dietary recommendations that optimize health and quality of life

Nutrition by dieticians, recipes by chefs

Heali learns what you need and love, and rates and matches thousands of meals based on your unique nutrition needs.

Discover recipes that support your health goals

Explore fresh recipes and meals from around the world that you love to eat, meet your dietary preferences and manage your condition.

Better food choices anywhere

Scan products in-store and menus to reveal personalised nutrition matches. Heali is with you, wherever your nutritional journey takes you.

Meal planning & delivery

Heali helps you create your grocery lists, easily buy ingredients, and deliver ready-to-heat meals and cooking kits with our partners.

Shown to improve quality of life by 2.6x

Research has shown Heali improves IBS symptoms.
A clinical trial followed patients with IBS on a low FODMAP diet and showed that those using Heali had:

Improved quality of life 2.6 times greater than control

Improved bowel habits 2 times greater than control

Made for you

Health goals. All different kinds

Lose weight

Reduce blood pressure

Reduce risk of diabetes

Reduce cholesterol

Introducing Heali Coaching

Reverse the clock on chronic illness with our Diabetes Prevention Program

Manage chronic conditions with CDC approved bite-sized lessons and 1-on-1 personalized coaching. You will have the opportunity to receive expert guidance and support as you navigate your journey to better health.

Discovery Access
Collection Access
Meal Planning
Nutrition Insights
No Advertisements
Search 10,000 Recipes
Product Barcode Scanning
Menu Scanning
Nutrition Research Access
Meal Kit Delivery Access
Cost covered by Insurance
CDC Approved Learning Content
1-on-1 Coaching
Activity & Weight Tracking
Desktop & Mobile Access

Join 13,000+ using food to conquer their conditions

Heali is personalized to each individual, no matter what their taste preferences or goals

"I’m on a super restrictive medical diet and it feels so refreshing to see all this CHOICE again! I’ve discovered so many new recipes and products that work for me. And when something doesn’t work, it tells me what ingredients to substitute!"

Maria E

"Having personalized nutrition advice at my finger tips helps me to easily implement and adhere to my desired lifestyle. No more scouring Google to find out what I should and shouldn’t be eating - Heali makes it SO simple. 10/10 would recommend!!"


The menu scan feature actually works really well and is super easy to use. A much better implementation than other attempts at this I've seen... I was even curious to see if it could be used on things other than menus, like ingredients on nutrition labels and it can. Super impressive!

B Rivera

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